FLEX is JATO's new cloud-based platform for delivering industry leading vehicle specifications and incentives data for North America. Enable your app to build and price vehicles, competitively compare them, and display targeted incentives and rebates all with our RESTful API.

Check out some of these key features:

  • Easy to navigate RESTful API using hypermedia links, no documentation needed
  • Platform independent. We offer code samples in eight programming languages!
  • Web developer friendly
  • Lightweight, paginated responses to conserve bandwidth for mobile apps
  • Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform giving your application speed and reliability
  • Up to the minute vehicle specs and incentives backed by JATO's research SLA
  • Easy access to partner content

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Getting Started

New to the FLEX API? Before you dive into the docs, its important you understand the overall structure of the API and the security system we have in place.

API Documentation

Check out our API Documentation that describes how to use the API and includes code samples in multiple languages. The API Console allows you to directly interact with the API right here in the developer portal.

How do I access FLEX?

1. Obtain your company credentials from your JATO account manager

2. Create a developer account on jatoflex.com

3. Wait for JATO to authorize your account

4. Review Getting Started and API Docs

5. Start building great apps!